7 Worst Ideas for the First Offline Date after Dating in a Random Chat

If you have met a pleasant interlocutor in a cam chat, sooner or later, the time to meet in a real world will come. In this case, do not choose one of the below-mentioned ideas for your first date.

  • Museum

The idea itself is undoubtedly good and useful, but it is not entirely suitable for an atmosphere of dating. Firstly, you will not have enough time to chat with each other. Secondly, museums usually have a lot of visitors. If you really want to visit museums, it is better to invite friends to join you.

  • Cinema

The invitation to the cinema is one of the most popular, but, nevertheless, also one of the most unsuccessful ideas for a date. It is ideal for couples who have been together for many years and who don’t have to talk a lot on dates. Imagine that you have to be silent for almost two hours, and both of you will not be able to get to know each other better. Not so much fun!

  • Gym

Joint sports with your partner, of course, strengthen muscles and improve health, but it will not benefit the successful development of your relationship. Both of you will end up being sweaty, tired, and exhausted. Therefore, give up the idea of ​​a joint workout, horse riding, bicycles, golf, or tennis. Only paintball can be worse than a physical date.

  • Double date

Double or twin dates are fun, but you won’t feel like dating. It’s just a walk with friends, but nothing more. In addition, this idea is completely unsuitable for introverts. Better choose a quiet walk in the moonlight or a picnic in the park.

  • A brief coffee date

Short and spontaneous dates rarely end successfully. You will learn almost nothing about each other, and it certainly will not be a romantic meeting. Busy people sometimes choose this option, but it’s better to forget about business or work for a while and spend the whole evening with a pleasant person.

  • At a night club

Hanging out with friends at the club is a great way to have fun, but such an idea is not suitable for a date. The music in clubs sounds too loud, and a crowd distracts. You will not hear each other and will not feel like on a date. Instead of going to a club, stay at home, turn on quiet music, and have dinner together.

  • At the zoo

Surprisingly, dates at the zoo are also popular among couples, although this can hardly be called a good idea. This pastime is suitable for teens, but not for adults.

Remember that all these ideas are permissible if both of you like museums or zoos, for instance. The above-mentioned ideas are not the best ones, but if two interlocutors in a video chat have common preferences, it is possible to choose these ones as well.

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