Apps for chatting via video

The internet was developed only in the second half of the previous century, it has already changed most of aspects of human beings subsistence. Such a statement is specifically related to a younger generation. These individuals find it challenging to get rid of their smartphones and computers even for a couple of days. A lot of psychologists consider that such an obsession can lead teenagers to some serious problems with their mental health. However, they are only partly right because the internet can bring people much joy and help them save time on more significant aspects of their subsistence.

Moreover, the internet is one of the most enormous platforms for communication. These days almost everybody has his personal profile on one of the social media platforms. The most popular of these online resources are video chats. It is even available to talk via a video chat on your smartphone. In this case you only have to download an application and to start talking to strangers even if you are out. Here you can find the best programs for your phone.


This app allows users to communicate with a variety of strangers all over the globe. The main feature of Carousel is that fact that a user only has three minutes for a conversation with a new person. However, if you understand that you are eager to continue your dialogue, you can do this when the time is over and your interlocutor agrees.

Furthermore, after having some conversations the application understands your preferences and chooses the best interlocutors for you. That’s why you don’t even have to look for a companion on Carousel.


Azar is also that application which is well-known worldwide, and the fact that it’s used by people who live in more than 190 countries proves that.

To find the best partner for your conversation your can choose a desirable location and the gender of your interlocutor. So, the program will demonstrate you those who fit in your preferences perfectly.

If you don’t feel confident enough, you are allowed to use one of lots of funny stickers.


Cam is also a video chat where you can find an interlocutor for communication. The program chooses a companion for you randomly. That is why you will be able to have a conversation with a person from another country.

However, you should never insult other users. If you don’t avoid using some inappropriate phrases, you will be banned.

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