Feabie Review: A user-friendly dating platform

Feabie is an ideal choice for those men and women who are looking for long-term and serious relationships. Initially, it was created for the heterosexual feederism community, but now everyone is welcomed to join it. The registration process of Feabie is not long, but if you want the system to find and suggest better variants, answering personal questions is recommended.


Feabie has lots of pros, such as

  • The profiles on the Feabie are more organized in comparison to Facebook. Everything is separated into different sections.
  • This website suggests easy tools for navigation, which makes the searching process easier for Feabie users.
  • You can also see who has visited your page on Feabie.
  • If you follow someone on Feabie, you can view the person’s profile 24/7. This is an alternative function for adding people as friends.
  • You can see who is online; people who live in your neighborhood and their status. You can adjust this function to your preferences.
  • You can search for people using different filtering engines suggested by Feabie.


Yet you should also remember these cons of the platform:

  • Feabie is a comparatively new website and does not have so many members
  • You need to purchase its premium membership to have access to its extra and more advanced features
  • If you need more advanced features, you need to purchase one of the tariffs suggested by Feabie

The way Feabie works

Feabie has advanced search tools to help you find people who live near you, who share the same interests and who match your interests. Search engines include filters for age, location, weight, sexual preferences, BMI, body type, relationship status, and so on. On Feabie you can use any filter you want. The system automatically brings some suggestions for you based on the information that you have provided the system. The more information you give, the higher the chances to find your ideal match with Feabie.

Like other dating platforms, Feabie also uses a matchmaking algorithm. The signing up process requires you to provide some basic information about you. Based on your information, the system will analyze and suggest new recommendations for you.

Basic search criteria on Feabie include gender, age, photo, and online now features. If you need more extended searches, you should use more specific criteria. If you want to find a person near your residence, you should use local searches.

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