How do you cure love addiction?

Since love addiction is in most cases a consequence of traumatic experiences in childhood, many people with this problem prefer to seek professional support. A psychologist can parse a specific case and help find a more realistic understanding of oneself, one’s value and true desires.  Also, together with a professional, the chances of understanding what the real reason for love addiction is are increased. Here are a few ways to get rid of addiction.

Pay attention to other possible psychological problems

If you are stressed or depressed for a long time – give up your strength to restore your health. To reduce your stress levels, go outdoors more often (take long walks) and play with your pets. It is better to trust professionals to solve other, more serious psychological problems.

Hobby and other activities

What did you enjoy doing when you became addicted to love? Maybe you liked to blog or make jewelry with your own hands? Hobbies help distract us from our love addiction. In addition, if we do what we like and do well, our self-esteem increases. It can be a step towards becoming aware of our own uniqueness and worth.

Spend more time with family and friends

As a result of love addiction, you could pay less attention to relationships with important people in your life. Try to restore a good relationship with them.

Take care of yourself

Give preference to healthy food, make sure that you get enough sleep every day. If you want to do something pleasant for yourself, be sure to do: take a relaxing bath, go for a manicure or massage, prepare your favorite dish.

Refrain from new relationships

If you do not currently have a regular partner, try not to enter into a relationship for at least a few months. Instead, take the time to understand your feelings and thoughts, think about what you really need to be happy, what qualities you want to see in your partner. If you are in a relationship, try not to make important decisions for a while and look at what is happening from the outside.

Understand and accept the nature of your feelings

It may not be easy to focus on yourself and understand your emotions. If we dig into our memories, almost all of us may have painful memories – the past that we do not want to stir up again. It can make us feel sad, irritated or even desperate. However, it is necessary to experience these unpleasant emotions in order to accept certain events and the changes that have occurred in us through these experiences.

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