How to Increase the Popularity of your Account in BongaCams?

After the promotional period on a cam chat, every new web model will have one simple question: “why do some video chat rooms appear on the first lines and there are many visitors, while other broadcasts are at the very bottom, and the members don’t often go there?” It’s all about popularity on a platform. All online resources for dating have different criteria and rules. On some cam chats, the rating is measured in “likes” and subscribers, on others, there is a conditional value – CamScore. On some platforms, girls are marked with “stars”, and on others, they are rated and promoted by feedback. Moreover, even the “standard” five stars are assigned differently on every resource. We are going to deal with this difficult issue.

What is CamScore and how to increase it?

BongaCams has chosen the CamScore indicator as to the level of popularity. This is the value that determines the sequence of streamers on the main page of an online chat. This value is accepted so that new users won’t be depressed by experienced old webcam models. Therefore, a certain value is adopted. It depends on the time spent in a chat (your activity) and the received tokens (the internal currency of the platform).

Bonga divides the planet into 4 large regions:

  1. North America: USA and Canada;
  2. Western Europe: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, etc.;
  3. CIS countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Abkhazia, and others;
  4. The rest: Brazil, China, India, Australia, African states, and so on.

Each region has its own CamScore. The higher it is on your stream, the more likely it is that you’ll be noticed by new members! The CamScore indicator changes every 10 minutes and depends entirely on what you do for an audience and how they react to your performance.

Officially, the site administration reports that the profile’s CamScore is calculated from the time spent on the air and the money received. But it is not so.

CamScore on Bong varies from:

  • Your connection speed and the quality of broadcasting;
  • Visitor activity;
  • Lack of complaints;
  • Your actions: correspondence, voice conversations, dancing, and striptease;
  • Earned tokens for tête-à-tête, peeps, and tip volume;
  • Time online;
  • Attracted referrals and models.

All these steps must be done to be a successful model on any online chat. It is clear that this is an additional burden for a model. You have to not only stream but also work with the platform offline. New streamers will automatically receive average indicators. With these starting bonuses, it’s easy and comfortable to start. After a certain period of time, the CamScore may fall down, for example, if a girl does not work 2 or more days, or rise for private chatting and tips.

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