How to understand your boyfriend does not love you

There is a certain advantage to relationships: flirting and writing first is not so scary anymore. But there are also disadvantages: for example, by correspondence it is difficult to determine how sincere the interlocutor is. And if the interlocutor – a guy who likes well, then understand how he really feels, it is especially important. So we have 5 examples of messages that indicate that the guy with you is not completely sincere.

He talks about sex all the time.

You’re trying to talk about something serious, but it puts the conversation in the same direction. It can even be inspiring because it feels like he wants intimacy with you because he’s in love. But, unfortunately, the facts say the opposite: guys often write to several girls about sex in order to “probe the ground” – look, one of these girls will agree to intimacy.

He doesn’t come to the meeting, but then calls home

You offered to meet several times this week, but he dodged the answer. So Saturday night, you get a message from him, “Shall we watch a movie at my house?” It might seem logical: he was busy all week and couldn’t meet, and on the weekend he has more free time. But we have to be upset: when a guy is really interested in a girl, he will certainly find time on weekdays.

He always lists several reasons to say no

You call him to the movies, he agrees, but on the eve of day X he says he can’t go. Why not? The fact is that he has not had time to prepare for the exam, his parents ask him to go with them to the store, and he also needs to walk his friend’s dog. Well, does it look like this guy’s really a little busy? Isn’t it because he doesn’t really want to go to the movies with you and feels guilty about it?

Crossing in the company of friends, you always have fun: a lot of joking, flirting and in general clearly on the same wave. But correspondence doesn’t usually stick: it replies with a meme or a short “ha-ha” in response to your expanded message. It’s confusing: maybe he’s just not a fan of correspondence communication? We think the reason is different: he likes to flirt with you when you meet him, but he’s not interested in anything else.

He often writes that he didn’t see your messages in time

How many people do you know who don’t depend on their phones? I bet you can count them on the fingers of one hand, and two of them are your parents! We understand that he may be very busy, but if he answers regularly for 8-10 hours, or even ignores messages at all, then most likely the reason is not his busy.

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