Interesting Statistics: Who Visits Video Chats and for What Reasons

The Internet is full of various video chats. There are international and local cam chats, erotic chats, chats for different social groups and genders, etc. In this article, let’s see who visits random chats for dating most frequently, and what are their reasons.

So, the most numerous group of users are young people between 18-28 years old. These users spend time in random online chats while chatting with each other and making new acquaintances. More frequently, these users visit random chats before going to bed, or when they have free time in the evening. For them, this is an easy and pleasant way to have fun, relax, and distract from the reality.

The next most numerous group of users are men of 28-39 years old. These users prefer visiting erotic chats or finding pretty girls in simple cam chats to masturbate. Their main goal is to find an interlocutor who will agree to get naked, show her tits or buttocks, dance a striptease, etc. They usually come to online chats before falling asleep.

Women are not so engaged in online communication via random chats. But those ones, who are on maternity leave, frequently use video chats to keep in touch with their relatives and friends.

One more group of women are those who gain money in cam chats. They are webcam models. These are women who fulfill interlocutors’ wishes for money. It is not always sex or getting naked. Sometimes people need a simple conversation.

The next category is users under 18 years old. For many of them, video chats are an interesting tool to find new information about the surrounding world, other nations. But some of them learn how to get an adult. Virtual sex among teenagers is not a rare case. Still, it is better than a real one.

People over 50 years old are less numerous groups of users. They rarely visit such online platforms. However, there are special online chats for elder people. They create their communities for communication, travel together, and meet in real life. For them, the Web is one of the most effective ways to avoid loneliness and feel alive.

Generally, dozens of thousands of users visit various cam chats daily. Users have different reasons, but all of them can meet there. Dating and chatting gains popularity, and users stick to online communication more and more. Virtual reality wins our lives and takes us deeper on the Web. Thus, if you have met a pleasant interlocutor in a random chat try to develop your dating and meet in a real life.

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