Things not to expect while dating a guy

1. He’ll spend all his free time with you

If you think your other half is gonna devote all your time to you, you’re wrong. For your relationship to be happy and not to become co-dependent, each of you needs to have a life. Let him hang out with friends, spend time with his family, go to the gym and generally do whatever he wants. You will still meet afterwards, discuss all the interesting things that happened to you during the day and be grateful to each other for the fact that you have the opportunity to develop not only together, but also individually. In addition, time away from each other will make you bored, and meeting later will only be more pleasant.

2. He’ll forget about friends you didn’t like

Don’t think you’ll immediately become the best friend of all his friends, it happens, but not always. However, if you don’t get along with someone in his company, you don’t have to tell him to take that person out of life. If that friend is too unpleasant for you, just ask the guy to hang out with him without you. And if there’s any hope inside, try to get to know him, because your other half loves him very much for something. If nothing works at all, imagine yourself as your boyfriend. Would you be happy if he asked you to stop talking to your friend after one or two meetings? Of course not!

3. He’ll agree with you on anything

Would you nod affirmatively at every human statement, even if you like it very much? Of course not! Then why would you expect that from your boyfriend? If he argues and expresses an opinion other than yours, it’s okay. Sharing your views on different issues is fine, but do not expect them to coincide in every point.

4. He always knows when you’re upset

Ordinary people can’t read minds, and if something seems obvious to you, it absolutely means that the other person will think/receive the situation in the same way. Instead of playing with him and trying to “hint”, say directly about your feelings. It will save you both time and nerves.

5. He has plans for the next ten years

Who among us even knows what’s gonna happen in a month? Our tastes change day by day, today we want to live in Moscow and work on a freelance basis, and tomorrow we are going to fly to Europe to get a master’s degree there. If even you have no idea what you will be doing in ten years, why should your partner know? No, you can and should plan a little, of course, but you shouldn’t demand a clear picture from him either.

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