TinyChat review

TinyChat is an incredibly straightforward online platform for real-time video communication. The site was launched in 2007. 

The main things about TinyChat 

This is a convenient and free video chat which is available for everyone. You can watch free video chats to meet friends there, or create your own chat. No downloads, no registration, no other problems. TinyChat provides users with the ability to create one-time or permanent spaces for video conferences.

Besides desktop programs for Windows and Mac, TinyChat also has applications for Android and iOS. However, TinyChat can greatly work without software clients because the service operates right in the browser. To organize your own video chat room, you need to create an account or just log in via Facebook. To invite other participants to a chat, just click the Share button or just copy the link from the browser address bar. When you join a chat, each new member first acts as a viewer.

Video Chat Functionality

In total, up to 12 people can actively participate in a video chat (the number of viewers is not limited). In the process of communication you can jointly view videos from YouTube, draw (using the service flockdraw.com), communicate in a text chat, organize personal conversations with some participants of the video conference, send files, take screenshots of the broadcast, a link to which is generated automatically. Also, by clicking on the picture of any participant, you can send him a personal message, hide the video or choose the ignore mode, change the volume.

TinyChat loads quickly enough and has many English speaking users, so you can easily communicate with many random strangers.

Advantages of TinyChat

TinyChat is one of the largest sites for online communication. According to statistics, it is regularly visited by over 25000 users. That’s why any person can easily find a great conversationalist. But a large audience is not the only advantage for the user. TinyChat has a lot of other amazing pros, including:

  • The ability to create your own thematic chat according to your interests;
  • Dialogues both with a specific person and with several users at once (up to 12 people);
  • Public video chats;
  • Convenient built-in tool for creating and sending screenshots to other users during communication.

This allows you to conduct a dialogue in a format convenient for you and practically from anywhere.

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