What to do if your partner is in a bad mood

Today you have done a lot of tasks, coped with all the projects, bought the lipstick that you had an eye on a long time ago – in short, in a beautiful mood you are heading home. And then, when you go into the kitchen and put the bags with groceries, you see your spouse, gloomy and constantly watching the match, which he has already seen a hundred times. You realize that the positive mood for this evening has vanished somewhere. What to do if the beloved one is in a bad mood? Read in our article.

Give a man freedom

First of all, ask carefully and unobtrusively what happened. If the partner refuses to reveal the reason for the bad spirits, ask if he wants to be alone. Say: “I see it’s hard for you now. If you want to talk and discuss a problem, I am always ready to listen to you. Show that you respond normally to your partner’s bad mood and accept his right not always to be cheerful and sociable. He will certainly appreciate it.

I am not you, and you are not me.

The important point is that you should not take into account the bad mood of your spouse/young person. Do not give in to “provocation” to spoil your mood. Stay calm and take care of yourself: a book you have long wanted to finish, watching a movie or cleaning, after all. Optionally, offer to the person in good faith to watch a movie together. A light romantic comedy or a quiet melodrama with beautiful landscapes will be perfect. The movie will allow your spouse or young man to distract from negative thoughts. The alternative is to cook dinner together.

How to cheer up a guy, if he is near you?

  • Do you think a man is a strong creature that does not need affection and care? You are mistaken! If your beloved feels bad, just give him a hug and tell him how much you love. Do it sincerely and heartily;
  • Take advantage of your female sexuality. Seduce him, offer him a shake. From such an offer he will forget about his bad mood;
  • Men love to be admired. By reminding him of the merits, you will instantly raise your self-esteem;
  • Plan an entertainment program for the two of you. It should include activities that are interesting to your other half. Does he like fishing? Perfect! Spend a Saturday night on the shore of the pond. Is your soulmate a fan of soccer? A joint trip to a sports bar will give a lot of new emotions;
  • If a man loves to have fun, then create a party in his honor right at your home without a reason. Invite friends, set the table, in a large company he will forget about his problems.

Follow these tips, and you will make your relationship better.

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